Braces for Kids: Important Things You Need to Know

braces for kids

Having a kid have braces isn’t something any parent would want for their children. However, some kids, while seeing mates wear them feel like they want to have them the soonest. However, others are apprehensive about how they’ll feel with braces. While this orthodontic apparatus may seem vital for your child, you may be left with all kind of questions, including its cost; while considering the comfy of your child.

Why Do Kids Need Braces?

You aren’t alone. Kids across the globe may require braces due to several reasons. Some of these whys and wherefores include overlapping, crooked, overcrowded, and malocclusion (bad bite) teeth. When your child has a “bad bite,” it means that the top and bottom jaws differ in size. For instance, the upper jaw could be bigger than the lower, and this is known as an overbite. Contrarily, if the lower jaw tends to be bigger, it’s called an underbite.

In some circumstances, tooth and jaw problems can occur as a result of losing baby teeth sooner than expected, some due to accidents and thumb sucking. However, others can be genetic; therefore, if you had someone in your family use braces, kids may also apply them.

Usually, the child’s dentist is the first to pinpoint these problems during a visit, and they’re likely to advise you to see a jaw specialist. Moreover, the orthodontist will check the teeth alignment problems and determine whether your kid needs braces. Besides, they can give you professional advice regarding the hitch.

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At What Age Can a child Use Braces?

There is no substantial age that a child can see an orthodontist. Most kids start at age 6 while others visit an orthodontist at 10. Moreover, others go when they are teenagers. Additionally, adults may need this treatment at any age.

Notably, orthodontists recommend that kids should see a specialist as soon as their permanent teeth begin to spring; which is mostly at the age of 7. Reasonably, this age is appropriate since orthodontic issues can be easily noted. However, note that starting the orthodontic visit this early doesn’t mean that your child will get braces. Instead, this procedure is useful since the orthodontist will identify any problems; and can start treatment appropriately.

Benefits of Braces for Kids

Perhaps, you are still contemplating about your kid getting braces; you wonder if it’s something to go by and confusion bangs. However, the brighter side is that the benefits of braces to your child more than you perceived.

Here are the benefits of braces for kids:

  • They boost the growth of the jaws in an organized manner
  • Applying braces reduces clenching or grinding, hence, tooth wear decreases
  • It promotes the expansion of space for the spring of permanent teeth
  • Probability of shifting teeth is reduced
  • Damage to jaw joints is significantly reduced
  • It corrects harmful oral habits
  • It reduces the risk of protruded teeth being injured
  • The need to remove permanent teeth is eliminated
  • It improves the self-image and confidence of the kid
  • Lip closure and lip strain are improved and reduced respectively
  • During development years, the child can’t be appearance-conscious
  • The probability that permanent teeth suffer an impact is reduced
  • The width of dental arches is enhanced
  • Braces in kids guide permanent teeth into desired positions

Last Thoughts

You have all the information you need; therefore, if you suspect your child has some issues, it’s crucial to see an orthodontist. This form of treatment is vital; it will help your child bite, chew, and finally have an improved speech in the future. Besides, your child will look beautiful, have an attractive smile, and emotional benefits will be a result. Improve your child’s self-esteem and confidence by using braces on their teeth as early as possible. Additionally, understand that straight teeth, unlike crooked ones, are not easily attacked by decay, injury, and gum problems! Read more about early interceptive treatment! If you are ready to look and feel your best, call today and get started on your journey to a brand-new smile – (310) 710-6527

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