Can I get braces with an implant?

At Calismile orthodontics, we take special care of our patients and provide them with the best possible treatment within their budget. If you have dental implants and are wondering whether orthodontic treatment would give you an excellent result, visit our dental office for a complete examination and the most suitable treatment plan customized for you or book an appointment at

Orthodontic treatment at Calismile orthodontics

Our expert team specializes in providing the best in class orthodontic treatment by assessing the oral health of the patient, taking into consideration the goals and expectations of the patient from the treatment. Our patients have completely transformed their smile and here are some of the testimonials which are proof of our dedication in providing our patients the smile of their dreams. You can choose from traditional metal braces, clear braces, retainers, and Invisalign treatment according to the level of misalignment of your teeth as well as your budget. 


Consolidating orthodontics with dental implants 

While the general protocol is to straighten your teeth first and then place implants, some scenarios require placing implants before the orthodontic treatment.

Since the dental implant is not a natural tooth, it cannot be moved from its place once fixed. Therefore, dentists recommend straightening the crooked teeth first, to make space for the dental implant.

However, sometimes when an anchorage is needed to align crooked teeth, dental implants are placed first. Thereafter, the teeth are moved towards or away from the implant using it as an anchor.

In cases where the implant has to be placed adjacent to teeth that do not need braces, implants can be placed first.


Every individual is unique and so is their dentition. Calismile orthodontics will decide the best course of action based on your individual requirements. So, yes, you can have braces with an implant but let Dr. Amir decide the treatment plan customized to your oral conditions. For an appointment at Calismile just give us a call at 310-710-6527 or book it at our website 


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