Can I Get a Filling While Wearing Braces?

Can I Get a Filling While Wearing Braces?

Can I Get a Filling While Wearing Braces?

If you are currently undergoing orthodontic treatment and have discovered that you have a cavity, you may be wondering if you can have a filling done while wearing braces. Continue reading to learn more.

How Did I Develop a Cavity?

Cavities develop in the teeth when bacteria break down the protective outer layer of enamel. Bacteria exist in the mouth in the form of plaque, which is typically removed with thorough and regular brushing and flossing. Bacteria levels fluctuate with the foods and beverages that we eat, as well.

If proper oral care is not practiced – or if the individual maintains a diet high in harmful sugars or acids – the individual faces the risk of developing cavities. Over time, bacteria and acid eat away at the protective layer of enamel and penetrate the more delicate layers of tooth structure below.

Can I Have My Cavity Filled If I Have Braces?

The answer is yes!

Have no fear; if you have developed a cavity while undergoing orthodontic treatment, you can absolutely receive the restorative treatment you need without having to wait until your braces treatment has been completed.

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If a cavity is discovered, your orthodontist and dentist will work together to find the best way to treat the decay. In most cases, a filling can be done without any disruption to the braces themselves, but there are cases in which the wires or brackets may prevent access to the area. 

In cases such as this, the wires or brackets may be temporarily removed to allow direct access. After the filling has been completed, the wires or brackets will be properly put back in place over the restored tooth.

Preventing Cavities During Orthodontic Treatment

You will regularly see your orthodontist throughout your orthodontic treatment; during your visits, your orthodontist will confirm that your treatment is progressing as needed, and the health of the teeth and gums will be checked. If any issues are found, your orthodontist will recommend that you see your dentist for restorative treatment. 

It is important to continue to regularly see your dentist during your orthodontic treatment. Having your regular dental cleanings and examinations done will help ensure that the teeth are as clean, healthy, and strong as possible.

In addition to practicing proper oral care at home and receiving regular professional cleanings, you can also help prevent cavities by avoiding sugary or acidic foods and beverages, such as:

  • Coffee/tea
  • Candy
  • Energy drinks

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