How Has Orthodontic Treatment Improved?

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If you are considering orthodontic treatment and you are nervous about how your braces will look and feel, no worries. Thanks to advancements in the dental industry, the painful, bulky, and unsightly metal braces of yesteryear are a thing of the past. Continue reading to learn how orthodontic treatment has improved over the years.



Traditionally, the brackets for braces were large and made up of bulky stainless steel. With traditional braces, the brackets and wires covered the majority of the surface of the teeth; this led to the well-known “brace-face” stigma.


Modern braces offer much more aesthetically pleasing solution, as the brackets and wires are now thin and sleek.


For patients who require an extensive amount of orthodontic correction, traditional metal braces are the most favorable option. Thankfully, unsightly, painful, or embarrassing metal braces are a thing of the past; braces are now made to be comfortable and sleek, and are incredibly effective in providing patients with the smile of their dreams.

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Other options for modern braces treatment include:


  • Ceramic Braces: Makes use of tooth-colored or clear brackets. In some cases, tooth-colored wires may even be available for the most discreet look possible.
  • Self-Litigating Braces: Also known as speed braces, self-litigating braces are smaller than traditional metal braces and require fewer adjustments and less overall treatment time.



Of course, one of the most impressive achievements of modern dentistry is the introduction of clear aligner systems, such as Invisalign.


Invisalign completely eliminates the need for brackets and wires to be placed over the teeth. Instead, resin-based trays are custom-made for the patient based upon intricate digital scans that are taken inside the mouth. The patient will then be expected to wear the trays for at least 22 hours each day. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign does not require any significant changes to be made to your diet or hygiene habits; the trays can easily be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing.


Every two weeks or so, the patient will receive a new set of trays that focuses on correcting a new section of teeth. Treatment length typically varies from patient to patient based upon the amount of correction and alignment their teeth require.


Clear aligner systems like Invisalign have proved to be exceptionally beneficial, especially for those who are truly seeking discreet orthodontic treatment.


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Orthodontic treatment has significantly improved over the years; a beautiful and aligned smile is now easily achievable without considerable sacrifice. For the best orthodontic treatment in Los Angeles County, trust in CaliSmile Orthodontics.


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