How Orthodontists Revolutionize Your Smile

How Orthodontists Revolutionize Your Smile - CaliSmile Orthodontics

Orthodontists see patients of all ages. Much more now that many people are inclined to get their teeth straightened. But who can perform this treatment? A license to practice dentistry will only be given to people who have gone to and graduated from a recognized dental school. Those who have a specialization are known as orthodontists.

Upon graduation, orthodontists must spend at least two or three years in an orthodontic residency program. For them, this is essential and specialized training. After completing their formal education, orthodontists can further distinguish themselves by obtaining board certification. Put your trust in us if you are looking for top-notch orthodontists in the West Hills area, because we’ve got you covered. CaliSmile Orthodontics in West Hills offers services for both adult and children orthodontic treatment. So, you can get all the orthodontic services you need without having to go very far from your home.

What services does an orthodontist provide?

Similar to other medical specialists, orthodontists devote their entire practice to straightening teeth. They will use their knowledge to improve your smile’s chances of success. Orthodontists can make your smile look better by realigning your teeth with a range of fixed and removable dental tools.

Orthodontists can correct a wide variety of dental issues, including:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Dental misalignment/malocclusions (overbite, underbite, etc)
  • Misalignment of the jaws
  • Too many or too few teeth (“crowding”)

Your orthodontist in West Hills, Dr. Amir Dehghan, is ready and willing to give you the treatment you need to fix any of the above misalignments or bite problems, if you have them.

Why see an orthodontist?

In addition to regular dentist check-ups, the plan includes visits to the orthodontist for both children and adults. Straight teeth with appropriate spacing function as one in the jaw. Do you know that a strong bite is essential for chewing, eating, and articulating? This is true, and not just because kids and teenagers are the most common patients at orthodontic practices. The adult teeth should be routinely checked for during check-ups.

Yearning for a stunning smile? Your orthodontist in West Hills aims for the same thing. Dr. Amir’s only hope is that you will recover well after undergoing treatment. You deserve the best, so give it to yourself in the form of a correct bite and a bright smile. If you care about your physical well-being, mental satisfaction, and aesthetic appeal, you should make an appointment with your orthodontist now.

What should I expect when visiting the orthodontist?

At the dentist, misaligned teeth are often the first thing that is noticed. If your molars don’t line up right, you may be advised to get orthodontic treatment.

So, here’s what you can expect from your first orthodontic treatment:

  • An oral examination
  • X-rays or radiographs of the teeth
  • Images of your face and smile
  • 3D view of your face and head
  • Teeth and jaw impressions

After these have been completed, your orthodontist will use the results of these tests to come up with a treatment plan and figure out if any teeth need to be moved.

The best orthodontist in West Hills

Patients of any age who have dental problems can receive orthodontic treatment. You should visit the top orthodontist in West Hills at CaliSmile Orthodontics when you can. An orthodontist knows how to move teeth in a safe and effective way and how to make your smile beautiful. To obtain this, you should put your faith in Dr. Amir, our in-house orthodontist, who has spent a great deal of time learning and practicing his craft. The combination of your attractive smile and strong jawline is a real asset.

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