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A home court advantage groundbreaking tooth alignment invention Invisalign in West Hills is now around the area to cater to your purposes. A good solution for both teens and adults! Invisalign® technology has become a standard, accepted orthodontic treatment even here at CaliSmile Orthodontics at West Hills

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How is Your West Hills Invisalign® Treatment Plan Made?

The orthodontist, Dr. Amir Dehghan, using a digital scanner, will examine and determine the treatment just right for you. X-rays, photos, and impressions of your teeth through 3D images will be taken. Once considered as a candidate, your first custom-made aligners will then be polished to remove the sharp edges. These trays will be changed every few weeks to adjust to the new tooth positioning. 

Dr. Amir can use the images to map out your whole treatment process and predict the outcome. This will help in monitoring the growth of the face because with invisalign® aligning trays over time, the shape of the teeth will slowly change. 

While on Invisalign® treatment, the clear aligners will fit in your life without interrupting your usual activities. Invisalign® is meant to be removable, so you can continue to eat anything you like. You won’t have any food restrictions and won’t need to change the way you brush or floss your teeth.

Invisalign® is as Close to an Invisible Aligning System: Invisalign West Hills

You might have thought braces were the only option to correct specific dental issues and irregularities, but we can offer you something new. Braces have effectively saved and continue to keep many smiles.

Invisalign® aligning will make the best in straightening your teeth without foregoing aesthetics, comfort, and ease. Adults with orthodontic concerns will find our treatment promising and encouraging as Invisalign® is a close-to-invisible aligning system.  

Invisalign®’s distinctive clear thermoplastic-based custom-made aligners are unnoticeable, so you can wear them to straighten your teeth without revealing you’re on a treatment plan. 

What Does Invisalign® Treatment Address?

Invisalign® aligning caters to simple or common straightening teeth to fix moderate bite issues. It uses custom-made removable invisible aligners worn over your teeth for 20 to 22 hours a day for best results. 

Orthodontic treatment will be deemed necessary when your teeth or jaw do not fit together properly. It is the best choice for you to go for Invisalign® here at CaliSmile Orthodontics if you have issues such as:

  • Baby and permanent teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Openbite
  • Gap teeth
  • Overbite

How does invisalign® aligning work?

CaliSmile Orthodontics here at West Hills goes through a 3-step process to give you an uninterrupted routine experience while undergoing treatment. You could complete the treatment in as little as six months, conditioned by your needs. But the good news is that the results will be visible in weeks.

Here are the simple steps to guide you:

  1. Meet your doctor. Reach out to Dr. Amir and take your smile assessment to see the treatment that suits you best. Dr. Amir will take your x-rays and impressions to determine the issue that needs treatment.. 
  2. Start wearing your aligners. After you are given your removable, custom-made aligners, wear them according to your treatment plan’s duration. Each set of aligners will gradually shift your teeth to their desired position.
  3. Regular check-up. Dr. Amir will guide you throughout the process. You will have a regular check-up to track your progress, ensure your aligners still fit well, and make your new batch of aligners until you straighten your teeth and give your best smile.

Why Favor for West Hills Invisalign® over Traditional Braces?

Mainly, the Invisalign® clear aligners will transform your smile without cutting you off from your daily routine. The SmartTrack-engineered material offers a close-to-invisible, personally-addressed alignment system that straightens teeth without causing the discomfort of braces’ metal attachments. Another benefit is that you are free to take your  Invisalign® trays out to feast on special occasions. You don’t have to wait until you’re braces-free to enjoy life’s delights.. 

So, invisalign® is perfect for those who desire to straighten their teeth with more predictable results, thanks to its innovative software gradually tracking the transformation of your smile. Let Invisalign® at CaliSmile Orthodontics at West Hills help the real you steal the show with your smile!

Invisalign West Hills: Ready to Get the Smile You Want?

With Dr. Amir Dehghan, we at CaliSmile Orthodontics at West Hills are here to make getting started simple for you. Get a free consultation to talk about the Invisalign® treatment plan made just for you. 

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