Straight Teeth Are Healthy Teeth: Here’s Why

Straight Teeth Are Healthy Teeth: Here’s Why - CaliSmile Orthodontics

Misalignment or crowding in the teeth is fairly common. Some people are not bothered with the alignment of their teeth and may choose not to pursue orthodontic treatment when it is recommended to them. The truth is that the alignment of your teeth has a direct effect on their health; continue reading to learn more.


Understanding How Tooth Decay Occurs

In order to understand how to maintain a healthy teeth, it is important to first understand how decay occurs in the teeth.


Decay is a direct result of bacteria that has eaten away at the tooth structure. Bacteria naturally occur in the mouth, but their growth and development are greatly increased by sugars and acids that are found in various foods and beverages. 


Brushing and flossing twice daily – accompanied by regular professional dental cleanings – is the best way to maintain a healthy smile. Avoiding foods that are high in sugars or acids is also ideal.


Chewing is Good for Healthy Teeth

When there is crookedness or misalignment, it cannot be easy to chew. In many cases, certain teeth may receive the brunt of the force while chewing, as other teeth cannot make contact. This places extra stress on the teeth used for chewing and can lead to worn enamel, chipping, and fractures.


Ensuring your teeth are properly aligned helps protect your teeth from damage and keeps you from feeling discomfort while eating.

Healthy Teeth Requires Oral Hygiene

The alignment of your teeth is an extremely important factor in your dental health. When the teeth are crowded or crooked, it is nearly impossible to get between them to thoroughly clean. 


This allows the bacteria to become unmanaged, wreaking havoc on the tooth structure and leading to damage and decay. When left untreated, the patient will likely face cavities, pain and inflammation, gum recession, bone recession, and more.

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Pursuing orthodontic treatment to align your smile will ensure that you are able to thoroughly clean every space inside the mouth, helping you maintain a strong and healthy smile.


Gum Disease

Gum disease occurs when there is an excessive amount of bacteria both above and below the gum line in the mouth. It is characterized by gum and bone recession due to the high bacteria levels and has the potential to lead to tooth loss.


As previously mentioned, when you pursue orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth, you are taking a preventative measure against gum disease by ensuring that you are able to properly and thoroughly clean your mouth. This is important in the prevention of cavities, but it is absolutely crucial in the prevention of gum disease.


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