How Long Do You Have to Wear Braces?

How Long Do You Have to Wear Braces? - CaliSmile Orthodontics

So, after a long wait, you have been referred to a specialist for braces. Now what? You might get several questions in your mind about braces. For example, how long will it take to straighten your teeth, among others? However, one should understand the basics of how braces work as countless elements determine the time one has to wear braces.

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Below is what one should expect:


  • Time Required? It depends

When it comes to the time required to have one’s braces on, several factors come into play. For instance, a person’s age and treatment type are some of the determinants. In most cases, children tend to take a shorter time as their jaws are growing, and teeth are still moving to make it super flexible and more comfortable to fix.

Other factors such as patient’s issue play a much more significant role than the determinants mentioned above given that the procedure may vary from minor adjustments to complex issues such as jaw realignment. However, visiting a doctor for the first evaluation and consultation should provide a clear timeline of how long you will have the braces on.


  • Average Time Taken

In most cases, the average time taken can range from sixteen to eighteen months. Nevertheless, sometime cases might take as long as twenty-four to thirty-six months. This means that patients should be wary of practitioners who promise to have a person ‘smiling’ again in six months. While in some cases it might be possible for a treatment to take six months, such cases are sporadic. Usually, patients might not consider other maladies that might pose an adverse effect on one’s oral and systematic health. For instance, most don’t know whether their bites are correctly aligned, palate formation or airways is successfully opened.

Usually, it takes longer time for adults to have their teeth fixed, given that their jaws have stopped growing. This means more pressure must be applied impacting on the time required to remove braces. Thus, the average time for adult patients to have the braces on is somewhere between eighteen months to a maximum of thirty-six months.

In some instances, it is possible for children to have to wear their braces for longer times. For example, a child might face a case of their tooth coming in in the wrong place. Such scenarios might require extraction of the said tooth and waiting for the others to come in. As such, depending on this wait time, the procedure could take significantly longer.


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Is It Possible to Shorten Braces Treatment Duration?

Maybe. This question relies on how well one follows the instructions given. For instance, by keenly following the instructions given, one increases their chances of removing their braces sooner. Following guidelines might be something as simple as maintaining good oral health or having removable appliances as instructed by the practitioner.

Additionally, eating can somewhat impact the time it takes one to get their braces off. Thus, one should practice appropriate eating habits during braces treatment. This means one should shun any food that they may deem sticky or hard. This includes foods such as gum, chips, candy, and corn, among others, as this will help one improve their treatment time. Having a broken or a missing bracket can lead to an increase in treatment time.

In conclusion, brushing plays a significant role in enhancing the treatment time, although not many patients realize how difficult it is to brush with braces on. However, there are numerous techniques that patients could use to make brushing much more comfortable. Using these techniques ensure the treatment plans stay on course. It is of utmost importance to realize that time slated for one’s treatment doesn’t include post-treatment retainers.

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