Top 5 Questions to Ask At Your Orthodontist Consultation

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It is common for people to visit a general dentist several times a year. However, you might require specialized services from an orthodontic. Such specialists are in demand when an individual has an overbite, underbite, teeth realignment, or spacing issues. Orthodontists are different from regular dentists in such a manner that they usually take two more years studying to treat more complicated dental problems.

When searching for a specific practice, you should make a point of gathering essential information before settling on the person you want to trust with your smile.

Below is a list of questions one can ask their orthodontist:


  1. Orthodontic Care Specialists Experience?

When it comes to studying orthodontic, there are several programs that one can specialize in. Hence, if a patient wants to get the right specialist, they should inquire about the program the orthodontist attended. This said, the question on the program attended should not supersede the years of practical experience one has. In the same light, you should enquire whether the specialist is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO). This would help confirm whether they have completed the mandatory training. Also, ask the orthodontist to give some reference for their past and current dealings to provide you with an idea of what to expect.

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  1. What Are Your Hours?

Currently, many people are extremely busy having to work several jobs in a day. This means that missing work or class is highly likely as a scenario many would frown upon. Thus, one should try to find an orthodontist who has their offices open during a period convenient with them. For example, one can find offices that are open after classes, during early mornings, or weekends. This means finding an orthodontist who is flexible will ensure that your tight schedule is not interfering with an appointment while giving time for ample attention.


  1. How Long Will the Treatment Take?

The question on everybody’s mind is how long one has to wear braces. According to AAO, the average time required for one to wear braces is 12 months. However, when it comes to the time required, the answer varies from one patient to another. This is because time is dependent on the complexity of the procedure. For example, overbite and underbite might take longer compared to other cases. Also, one should make a point of asking the expected number of visits one should make in a specific duration. By so doing, one can manage to understand their process as well as the progress they are making.


  1. Available Options

One should ask about possible options for various reasons. For example, you are afraid it might ruin your teenager’s photo for years to come, or having braces on their teeth might work against their self-confidence. Besides, it should be noted that traditional braces do not represent the only available option. For instance, one can utilize lingual braces that are placed at the back instead of the traditional ones.


  1. Cost of the Treatment

When budgeting for anything under the sun, everything needs to fall under your capability. Therefore, during orthodontic treatment, the cost can be said to be the bottom line. Different orthodontists charge differently where sometimes the charge does not reflect on the quality of the services. When given a price, ask the orthodontist to qualify any steamily low quotation while explaining what is included in higher ones. It is also right to understand whether you will be required to pay for each visit above the braces cost.

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