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Yes! Choosing an orthodontist for yourself and your kids is an important decision. Are you living in the LA area? You will want to pick the best orthodontist in Los Angeles for your family.

The average orthodontic treatment lasts between six months to three years. This means you’ll be visiting your orthodontist for a long period of time. That’s why you need to choose the right practice. To do this, ensure the one you choose is equipped with cutting-edge technology, has a friendly staff, and a comfortable office.

It’s also necessary that you evaluate the personality of the orthodontist themselves. After all, a doctor with good bedside manners can make your experience much more positive. Of course, there are also other aspects involved in finding the correct orthodontic practice. Here are a few tips that will help you find the right orthodontist for yourself and your family.

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  • The qualifications of the orthodontist:

Always do your research before selecting an orthodontist. Researching their education, training, certificates, and professional affiliations are something you can look into for the privacy and comfort of your home. Doing your research before going to meet an orthodontist is important! If you’re stuck on where you should begin your research, the American Board of Orthodontics or the American Association of Orthodontics might be a beneficial place to start.

On either of these websites, you can find a comprehensive list of certified orthodontists that are close to your home. This is essential as there are many dentists who offer general orthodontic services. However, you should be looking for the best treatment and care, so you should choose a professional who has undergone special training to become a certified orthodontist.

  • The public reputation of the orthodontist:

In order to be recognized as the best orthodontist in Los Angeles, what is required? Reputation is the key to understanding the quality of a professional’s services. An experienced and credible orthodontist will have a stellar record. You can evaluate this through the testimonials of previous patients.

The old-fashioned method of gathering testimonials and recommendations is to simply ask around the neighborhood. Turn to your neighbors, friends, and co-workers to give you a recommendation. However, you run the risk of receiving false recommendations or missing any red flags.

A better method is to check online reviews of that particular orthodontic practice. Online review sites like Yelp give you a better and more detailed insight on any business. It’s also much easier to figure out if a review is fake or not.

Always analyze the quality of the details. Most fake reviews are just general and meaningless comments. Also, check if the people reviewing the clinic are real or not. If an account has reviewed more than a couple of businesses, then the account (and the review) is probably true.

  • The speed and quality of the orthodontist’s response to your queries:

During your treatment, you will have a lot of questions. There will be times when you might have questions or need help. At such occasions, you want your orthodontist to answer as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, many practices don’t follow up with their patients in a timely fashion. Talk to their previous patients or check their Yelp reviews. Their reviews will let you know if a clinic responds quickly and satisfactorily. You can also judge their response speed by asking them some basic questions over a phone call or an email.


  • The cost of the treatment course the orthodontist is recommending:

Orthodontic treatments can be expensive. That’s why it’s vital to choose an orthodontic practice that supports their patients financially. Look out for orthodontic clinics that offer free consultation, flexible payment plans, and some kinds of discounts. Also, don’t forget to check the types of payment methods and insurance coverage they work with.

While the cost can be prohibitive, it shouldn’t be the main aspect that you focus on. After all, you get what you pay for. Investigate all your options in order to find a clinic that offers a fair price for treatment.

You might come across a practice that offers a drastically low cost. If you do, you should immediately realize that something is wrong. After all, opting for orthodontic treatment is an investment in yourself. It’s also a medical procedure. If done improperly, it can negatively affect your health. It is for this reason that you should choose your orthodontist wisely.

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Things you should ask your orthodontist:

Once you finalize the orthodontists you might possibly choose, go to their office for a consultation with them. You’ll truly get an idea of the experience only when you visit their office in person. Use your first, and hopefully free, consultation to gauge the atmosphere and meet the staff.

Don’t forget to take this time to ask the orthodontist any important questions you may have. Ask them about their payment plans and the treatment they are recommending. There is nothing to worry about – the right orthodontist is there to help you.

Ensure that you understand everything before making your final decision. While you should trust your doctor, weigh your options carefully before choosing your orthodontist.



Ultimately, you should feel right at home at the clinic. Your orthodontist should make you feel relaxed and comfortable. They should also be ready to explain every treatment available to you. They should hold a discussion with you about your treatment plan. Take the right first step towards better oral health and pick an orthodontist you’ll trust your smile with.


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