5 Surprising Facts About Invisalign

Poor oral health can cause pain and a decrease in confidence—in fact, 14% of US adults socialize less because of discomfort and embarrassment over their oral health. Whether you’re seeking to perfect your smile or to put a permanent end to tooth pain, Invisalign may be able to help. Here are 5 surprising facts about these teeth aligners from CaliSmile Orthodontics, your partners for Invisalign in Encino and West Hills.

1.   Technology Lets You Preview Your Future Smile

Something as important as your smile’s appearance shouldn’t be left up to chance. At the start of your Invisalign journey, you’ll be able to see a digitized model of your teeth after treatment.

Each set of aligners is custom-built on the first treatment visit to align with your current smile. Future sets are then adjusted to a new shape to gradually move your teeth into a more optimal position. At the beginning, your doctor will be able to show you a 3D digital scan of your planned results, created after an initial scan of your current smile. Seeing their smile’s full potential for the first time is a relieving and inspiring first step for many Invisalign patients.

2.   Invisalign Can Reduce Mouth and Tooth Pain

Many rely on Invisalign to help straighten their teeth into a camera-ready smile. However, Invisalign is also essential in addressing other orthodontic problems, including crowded teeth that are becoming infected or causing discomfort.

Even if your motivations for seeking Invisalign are mainly aesthetic, consider your overall mouth health. If there is an area of your mouth more prone to sores or grinding, mention it to your doctor when getting fitted for Invisalign. A simple adjustment can make a world of difference in your daily comfort and quality of life.

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3.   Trimmed to Your Comfort

Invisalign teeth aligners are customized for your current teeth placement but can also be altered for overall comfort. While the aligner needs to have enough substance to hold together and apply adequate pressure to keep the teeth moving, parts of it can be trimmed to allow comfort along the gum line.

4.   Teeth Aligners Are Made from SmartTrack Material

Invisalign teeth aligners stand apart from the rest partly because they are made from a special, proprietary material—SmartTrack, a multi-layer polymer created by Align Technology specifically for Invisalign alone. This polymer delivers a gentler force when compared to other aligner materials, giving you a healthier smile with less pain.

5.   Invisalign in Encino and West Hills Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

One of the biggest deterrents to orthodontic treatment is cost. Many people assume that braces and Invisalign treatments are out of their price range and don’t consider even a free consultation.

Unfortunately, there is no one price for Invisalign, as the estimate will depend on your unique alignment and treatment goals. A consultation is the only way to get a truly reliable estimate of the cost.

CaliSmile Orthodontics offers Invisalign in Encino and West Hills, with a discount of $1,500 off braces and Invisalign. Your insurance company may also cover part or all of your costs.

Book a free consultation with us today to see how we can help you reduce pain and achieve the smile of your dreams. If you are ready to look and feel your best, call today and get started on your journey to a brand-new smile – (310) 710-6527.

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