Should I get braces first, or should I have my wisdom teeth pulled first?

Should I Get Braces First, Or Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Pulled First? - CaliSmile Orthodontics

There are a few factors to take into account before committing to braces if you still have your wisdom teeth. Read on to find out if you need to have your wisdom teeth taken out before getting braces at CaliSmile Orthodontics in Encino and West Hills, Los Angeles, led by the best orthodontic specialist, Dr. Amir Dehghan. 

What are wisdom teeth?

“Wisdom teeth” is the common term used to refer to the third molars. These molars are the very last teeth in the back of the mouth and typically emerge around the ages of 17–21, though this may vary. Some people do not have wisdom teeth at all; this is quite common!

The third molars were once required to help maintain a diet made up of raw meat, leaves, and roots. As humans’ diets have changed, the average size of their jaws has started to get smaller. In turn, most people do not have the space inside the mouth to support the presence of wisdom teeth. In turn, wisdom tooth removal has become quite common.


Can wisdom teeth disrupt orthodontic treatment?

To properly shift the teeth, braces require a certain amount of space inside the mouth. In some cases, wisdom teeth may cause the mouth to become crowded. Consequently, the presence of wisdom teeth can sometimes prevent braces from working correctly.

If the wisdom teeth come in after the orthodontic work is done, they could put pressure on the teeth around them. This may cause them to become crooked or misaligned once more, effectively reversing the beautiful smile that you have just achieved.

For these reasons, your CaliSmile orthodontist may recommend removing your wisdom teeth before getting clear braces, Invisalign, or traditional braces.

Should I get my wisdom teeth extracted?

If your orthodontist at CaliSmile Orthodontics in Encino and West Hills determines after giving you a thorough exam that your wisdom teeth might cause you harm, then they will have to extract them.

Below are some common signs that wisdom teeth need to be removed:

  • Tenderness
  • Wisdom Teeth Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Pressure
  • Recurring Headaches
  • Recurring Earaches
  • Damage to Adjacent Teeth
  • Bad Breath
  • Wisdom Tooth Infection

Getting braces is a good idea if you’ve experienced any of the aforementioned issues and want to treat them. 

A series of x-rays will be taken if your wisdom teeth are in a precarious position. And if your orthodontist says so, an oral surgeon will take out your wisdom teeth before you start orthodontic treatment.  

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