Wearing braces? What should you eat?

food to avoid with braces

Introduction to Braces

Braces can form a formidable task. Knowing what to eat with braces, what not to eat, how to clean them, how often to floss, etc. can all make a compounding list of responsibilities for the metal mouth appliances. Besides, braces can be painful overall, and they constantly get some type of food stuck in them! But the end product of a perfect smile and professionally shaped teeth will always override the pain it took to get there. After all, it’s a couple of months or years with the unfashionable metal versus a lifetime of your dream smile.

So, although admitting braces can be a major hassle is okay, don’t focus too much on the short term and overlook the long-term benefits. If you have found yourself setting an appointment to install the traditional type of orthodontic treatment, metal braces, you’ll need to know all you can to make the process go as seamless as possible. And as any former wearer of braces knows best, the biggest secret to successfully wearing them is knowing what foods to avoid with braces.

The biggest secret is also the biggest challenge because it’s is not easy giving up some of your favorite treats for months on end. Just like the pain braces can occasionally cause, giving up these foods won’t be easy but will be worth it in the end when you have your dream smile.

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Let’s take a look at what to eat and not eat when wearing braces.


Here are some of the top foods to avoid while wearing braces:

  1. Chewy foods:

    You’ll hear this category repeated numerous times by your orthodontist for sure. Chewy foods are the antithesis of braces! They latch on to the wires and brackets and pulls them out. The last thing you want is to have any part of your braces misplaced or broken. If a bracket becomes loose or breaks off, it is no longer moving your teeth. And if it’s not moving your teeth into the right spot, your teeth are moving back to their old position, counteracting the effects of the treatment. Bubblegums, bagels, caramels should be avoided at all cost during your time wearing braces.food to avoid with braces

  2. Solid foods:

    This can be a tricky category as there are so many solid foods that require you to bite into them, especially the healthy ones. Foods such as apples, corn on the cob, ribs, and carrots should not be bitten into while wearing braces. Stop eating solid foods that are difficult to chew. However, it does mean that for the time being you’ll have to cut up these foods and eat them that way to avoid front teeth contact.

    Braces wearers understand that biting hard foods can cause brackets to break, so follow this rule. The wires and brackets are sensitive and a hard front bite against a solid food can break your braces even after only one bite so it’s best to be cautious and cut them up from the beginning.

  3. Sticky foods:

    Like the other categories, this one isn’t any easier. Caramels, taffy, all types of candy, and more have to be put on the back burner with braces. It may seem like an awful thing to do but try eating sticky foods with your braces just one time and you’ll forget you ever had a craving for them.

    Sticky foods just cause chaos in your braces. They manage to get everywhere and never seem to be able to come out. Brushing already will consume a decent amount of your time while wearing braces, but you’ll more than double that time if you don’t remove sticky foods from your diet. By avoiding this food, you’ll save your orthodontist time and headaches when cleaning and tightening your braces.

    Overall, the hassle and damage sticky foods cause are not worth the taste.

Here is a list of foods you should eat while wearing braces:

  1. Dairy:

    If you are a big fan of dairy and were worried about needing to cut ice cream out of your diet amidst the long list of foods to avoid, you’re off the hook! Dairy products like pudding and cheese go great with braces as they are soft and non-abrasive. Soft foods work the best with braces and you surely won’t have to spend time picking remains out of your brackets after each meal.food to eat with braces

  2. Meats/Poultry:

    Meats such as soft cooked chicken and meatballs are a great addition to the braces diet. They are a great source of protein and are easy to chew. They won’t danger any brackets or wires and if they get caught in the braces, flossing them out is a manageable task.

  3. All Other Types of Soft Foods:

    Foods like bread, seafood, hamburgers, and hot dogs are all great options! As long as the food isn’t too tough, sticky or chewy, it won’t threaten your braces for sure!

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In the journey of learning what to eat with braces, you’ll find that the list is a lot more extensive than what you ever imagined. Yes, you will need to avoid many foods, including some favorites, during your orthodontic treatment. However, you can always discover new favorite soft foods and get creative with the ones you can eat. Essentially, so long as what you’re eating isn’t threatening the brackets or wires then it’s alright to munch on. Look for foods like that and you’ll still be able to maintain and a happy and healthy diet while awaiting your new and improved smile! For more information on the proper food to eat while wearing braces, there are orthodontists in Los Angeles waiting to help today!

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