Will Invisalign Improve Jawline

How Invisalign Improve Jawline

Who Can Use Invisalign?

Depending on the patient’s dental situation, orthodontic Invisalign may be a promising treatment option. However, patients are advised to consult with their orthodontists, who can determine whether Invisalign is compatible with their needs. Invisalign can correct issues including gapped teeth, underbite, open bite, overbite, and crossed teeth.

Can Invisalign Fix Your Jawline?

The Answer is YES!

Understandably, a misaligned jaw can result in eating, talking, breathing and sleeping problems to some extent. Typically, a jawline with an abnormality can be caused by various aspects. However, it’s treatable. When the cases are severe, corrective surgery may be conducted by an expert. Additionally, an uneven jawline is mainly caused by aspects like birth imperfections, TMJ disorders, and teeth alignment.

In this case, teeth alignment is the main culprit, and when teeth are misaligned, they don’t allow your jaw to settle in the appropriate position. However, braces and Invisalign will correct it. The results may take longer, but the approach is worth it.

While overbites and underbites can strain the jaw, gapped teeth, on the other hand, exposes the gums to diseases like periodontal. Similarly, overcrowded teeth typically cause plaque heap making one difficult to floss, and as a result, cavities can form on these areas. Therefore, if you apply orthodontic- Invisalign treatment on your teeth, these issues will be a thing of the past.

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Can Invisalign Fix an Overbite?

With this kind of teeth alignment problem, the top teeth usually stick out more than the lower teeth, making the chin appear soft and the cheeks sunken. Invisalign treatment helps the arches to meet correctly and ensures the bite is aligned. The procedure results in a well-structured profile, a better jawline, and a stronger chin.

Can Invisalign Fix an Underbite?

In this case, the lower teeth sit in front of the upper ones, making the lower jaw protrude out. When treatment is done, you can notice the difference. In this case, Invisalign corrects the disproportion between the upper and lower jaws. Additionally, it fixes how both the jaws and the teeth come together, improving your face’s appearance and making it more proportional.

Can Invisalign Fix an Open Bite?

When the front teeth don’t meet entirely, the condition is known as an open bite. It affects the way you close your lips, because you can only achieve it by stretching the lips to fit with the teeth. In such cases, the face appears to be elongated, and it negatively affects speech and eating. However, the bright side is that Invisalign helps the front teeth to meet, enhancing the jawline and its function.

Last Thoughts

If you think your jawline is not proportional, malocclusion is usually the cause. However, it is nothing to fear, because treatment is available. Discuss the problem with your orthodontist, who may recommend Invisalign. If your condition is severe, the jaw bone may be cut and relocated to a new position. Other situations may necessitate physical therapy, exercises, and other simple approaches.


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