Can Braces Make My Teeth Loose?

Can Dental Braces Make My Teeth Loose? - CaliSmile Orthodontics

Our teeth play a significant part in our lives, and it is the center of attention whenever we smile. When it comes to dental alignment, some individuals can only be termed lucky to be born with straight teeth. For the majority of us, we might be forced to seek assistance to correct the various dental issues, including oral health. The frequency of the issues has made dental braces an essential tool for these purposes, both for the kids and adults.

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Periodontal Diseases

Usually, the root cause of shaky teeth is oral diseases that affect the ligament. Most of the conditions manifest themselves with more symptoms than just loose teeth. Other symptoms include bad breath, swollen gums, and bleeding and reddened gums, among others. For people showing some of these symptoms, the time is ripe to visit an orthodontist. For those who use tobacco as well as for people over 65 years, the chances are high that they might suffer from this disease. The diseases can originate from poorly aligned teeth as they are harder to clean.


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Why You Need Dental Braces

Crooked teeth are the leading cause of people visiting an orthodontist. These professionals rely on dental braces and clear aligners to correct any teeth problem. However, despite the wide array of devices used, braces are the most common of them. They are a set of wires used to exact pressure to ill-aligned teeth. As expected, the external force is going to cause some discomfort; however, one can deal with it by using counter-medication.

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Teeth Movement With Dental Braces

The main function of braces is to reposition teeth in the jaw. The process is relatively long, taking several months and sometimes years before it is over. Initially, teeth may feel shaky and loose as they’re getting pushed into position, which sometimes may result in a tooth being pushed to a worse position. This should not be a cause for concern as it is normal and causes no serious conditions. The shakiness should end as one approaches the last period of their treatment.

Apart from the shakiness, one should expect to experience spacing and teeth overlapping during the period of their treatment. This form of movement may seem as if the condition is getting worse; however, this is normal as teeth are being forced to the right position. The process requires one to be patient for it to fix your dental problems correctly.


Movement After Dental Braces

To many, any sign of movement might be unnerving; however, this is to be expected as the teeth shift to their new positions. The movement requires one to wear retainers months following the removal of braces. The retainers help the teeth to remain in their position as the jaw bone hardens around them. In most cases, the retainers are worn for a few months; however, some cases might require the patient to have them on during nighttime for a lifetime to avoid a significant shift of the teeth.


Do Dental Braces Make Teeth Fall Out?

Orthodontist treatment will in no way make your teeth fall out despite feeling loose. For people with periodontal diseases, they are discouraged from seeking treatment with orthodontic appliances before getting therapy for the same. Doing so might lead one to lose their teeth. To ensure all is well, one should take extra care. This should include extra care when cleaning and brushing one’s teeth as well as regular check-ups. Overall, patients should understand that braces cannot make your teeth fall out.


Bottom Line

Any person who has a loose tooth should visit a professional right away. If the problem is as a result of braces, all is required is for one to ensure they follow the given advice on what to consume or dodge. For any person looking to avoid loose teeth, ensure you observe dental health guidelines.


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